15-Year-Old Boy Ejaculated In A Pool! What Happens Next Will Shock You!

You might have weird news, the ones that made you cringe and think about your entire life all over again. Yes, you know what kind of news I am talking about, right?

Now, the one I am going to share with you through this post probably tops the list. This one is downright weird and f*cked. The news as reported by Tallahassee Herald happened during a pool birthday celebration. What was supposed to be a party with fun and everything turned out to be a nightmare for 16 girls!

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16 Girls Got Pregnant When A Boy Ejaculated In A Pool

So this is what happened. Daliah Jennings was celebrating her surprise pool side birthday party. As it happens in every pool party, young people ranging from the age of 13-17 were having their own sweet time in the pool. A boy of 15 who was there m@sturbated and ejaculated in the pool itself without letting others know. Which is obvious, right?

But what followed later will give you a shock. Due to him m@asturbating and ejaculating in the pool, 16 girls who at the time were in the pool themselves got pregnant. The news has been trending and has become viral ever since people came to know about the whole incident.

As per the birthday girl, she didn’t get pregnant because she didn’t have her swimsuit and hence, wasn’t in the pool with others. The boy claims to be v!rgin and says he never got physical with any girl in the party.

girls pregnant


Before you start thinking about what kind of weird world we live in, read further. The above story as I said has been trending and you might have come across it on some other site or social media platform. Now, let me be honest, this news is completely fake. It originally was posted on a fake news website called World News Daily Report on 26th January 2016. And as it always happens, some media houses and websites as such picked it up and made it famous for no reason at all.

So never believe in anything that you might come across on social media platforms or other websites as such. The fakeness of the news can be deciphered from the fact that it’s impossible to get a girl pregnant the way those 16 allegedly got.


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