Ever Wondered What If The Characters Of Your Favorite Series Were BFFs!

Renly Baratheon once said, “A man without a friend is a man without power.” We know the importance of friends in our life. Also, the other thing which is important is daily soaps and their characters. But, have you ever thought that what would happen if two strong characters of our favorite TV show become Bestfriends? No? Today, we will tell you who this Game Of Thrones character would befriend if they were part of a parallel universe.



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Check out the list to know more!

1. Margaery Tyrell and Ross Geller

The Divorce Force, Ross Geller will be the BFF with Margaery Tyrell from Game Of Thrones. As Ross, even Margaery is very unlucky when it comes to marriage! They can discuss their marriage problems and divorce issues!


2. Brienne of Tarth and Joey Tribanni

They both have the most over-protective nature for their friends! Brienne has always been there for Jaime and even Poddrick. Similarly, Joey is also we all know is the BFF we want to have. They both will be the Bestfriends forever which we would love to watch!



3. Littlefinger and Barney

We can just guess what would happen if our legendary Barney meets Littlefinger! They both know all the strip clubs and brothels to go and have fun!

game of thrones and friends BFFs


4. Tyrion Lannister and Sherlock

Not a physical fight, but a war of words i.e who would win an argument between the two. Take into account the intelligence and wit of both they will be the one giving Bestfriends goals!


5. Cersei Lannister and Monica Geller

Monica Geller is one who suffers from OCD, she will be the best friend with Cersei Lannister. Both of them are a type of extremist who wants things to be the way she wants it and only that way! Their friendship is something will be the best thing in this world!

6. Gunther and Tormund

Both of them have been part of one sided love. They both can be the best friends as two broken hearts can tell each other their sorrows!


7. Pheobe Buffay and Melisandre

Melisandre will be the one telling the future plans and Pheobe, on the other hand, knows her past! This is a friendship we would love to see!


8. David and Jorah Mormont

Both of them will be the bestfriends they ever had! They can bond over how to get the girl they love! Both of them have a tendency to go back to their lady love from time to time!



9. Sam Tully and Sheldon

They both are the easiest one in the list available! These 2 nerds will be the BFFs at every point! Sharing their knowledge with one another and the world.


10. Jaime Lannister and Chandler Bing


The coolest characters in their respective TV series! Chandler and Jaime are the two people you die to watch. Chandler’s sense of humor and Jaime’s calm personality will be an interesting affair and something I would love to watch.


Think we missed anyone? Let us know below in the comment section! Liked It? Share it with your BFFs!


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  2. […] Read More: Ever Wondered What If The Characters Of Your Favorite Series Were BFFs! […]

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