Why I Would Prefer American TV Shows Over Indian TV Shows?

I have grown up watching Indian TV shows. Being the 90s kid we all have! From Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein it had become a daily routine. I am really not that person who has grown up watching these American TV shows. But now I prefer American TV shows over Indian TV shows before I am termed Anti-National let me tell some reasons why I feel this way! And I am sure all of us who say, “Indian TV Serial sucks” will surely agree!

prefer American TV shows


1. Showing Reality

One thing which you may agree (even if you are Team Indian TV Shows) is that Indian shows are way far from reality! By reality, it does not mean that English shows are all based on real life. But even if you see a superhero on screen his personal life would be as important as his professional one! Whereas if we come to our Indian shows you have all sort of non-sense from Naagin to plastic surgeries.


2. Coming back from the dead

American TV shows also have the concept of coming back from the dead (example: Jon Snow, The King Of The North!) but in our country, the actor is born again anytime and as many times as the script demands. Come on people we had Maya who could change her own body with another person with the same face as her! How will you call that logic?



3. The three S: Subtle, Short and Sweet

American TV shows don’t feel the need to stretch any show just for the sake of TRPs or making money. While Indian TV shows make up a lot of episodes on unwanted marriages then divorce, slow motion and what not! American TV shows are always up to the mark and end whenever it is needed!



4. Follow the theme

Okay, so Game Of Thrones started back in 2011. At the same time, another show hit the Indian TV sets Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon! Now both these shows started in the same year and run until date. On one hand, GOT has gone through 7 seasons till now and has followed around the Iron Throne but IPKND, on the other hand, had 3 seasons which has gone from bad to worse!



5. Casting up to the mark

For Indian audience, the only things many a time what matters is the saas and bahu. All other characters are of least importance! They are also chosen with respect to one’s profession. The casting is done not only on the basis of look but also if it suits the profession in the west!


6. A pool of genres to choose from

In India what you really can choose from is daily soaps having saas bahu drama. While I prefer American TV shows as I can choose anything there from thriller to romance to suspense.


7. A seasonal affair

The only reason that GOT is too famous and looked upon than say CID is because it creates a hype. When you do a show on season basis people would want to know what will happen next and that’s why they want to see what will happen next year, whereas if you are running a show continuously for 15 years people are bound to get bored after a certain point!



These are some of the main reasons I prefer American TV shows over Indian TV shows!


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