Prevent Premature Ageing Just By Changing These 12 Habits!

Going by the literary meaning, habit is an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically. While we are here to know about the habits that age you and make you look older, nobody loves to get older. But ageing is inevitable. You can prevent premature ageing by taking care of your skin and overall health.

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Let’s get started with the habits that would help us prevent premature ageing!


In today’s fast-pacing life, pollution is one of the root causes of premature ageing of the skin. Pollution mainly air pollution settles on the surface of our skin and makes it dull. This slowly and gradually results in the ageing of the skin.


prevent premature ageing


2.Throw away the cigarettes:

Love cigarettes? Well, then there is a whole bunch of problems awaiting you. Apart from the ill-effect, it has on the lungs, it is also responsible for premature ageing. So prevent premature ageing. Cigarettes contain nicotine which prompts a premature reduction in estrogen levels which can cause the skin to age faster. Surprisingly, electronic cigarettes are also responsible for this.



3.Food Habits:

As teenagers and as foodaholics, we all love junk food be it noodles, chips, fries, burgers, pizzas and what not. But these food habits do tend to affect your skin as well. Along with making you obese, these can also result in premature ageing. To prevent premature ageing, one needs to have control over his diet. A balanced diet can solve this issue.

prevent premature ageing


4.Prevent premature aging by making yourself Stressed out! 

Stress has often been said as the lead cause of various acute and chronic diseases. Battling with stress can be quite a hectic task. But, by keeping your work and personal life separated and well-managed, one can get to lower down the stress levels. This would also prevent premature ageing.


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5.Going to bed without removing your makeup:

Cosmetics, they have become the need of society. Ladies, this is a wake-up call for you! Yes, you heard it right. Going to bed without removing makeup results in premature ageing. Makeup contains chemicals that are responsible for damaging of skin if kept for a long period, overnight being a hell lot of time, damage the skin and age it.



6.Slouch Posture:

Slumping in front of a keyboard for hours can cause an unattractive and potentially harmful hunched posture over time. Our spine has a well-balanced S-shaped curvature in order to stabilize and support us. Poor posture or slouching deviates the spine from this normal alignment, and as a result, the muscles, disks, and bones become abnormally stressed. Practice good posture. This can be done by checking: ear, shoulder, and hip should form a straight line when seated.


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7. Skipping sunscreen :

What’s the No. 1 way you’re aging your skin? Not wearing sunscreen daily.

The sun is the primary cause of skin aging. The sun can reach you on cloudy, rainy, or snowy days as well.


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8.Using too many products at once:

People often tend to get attracted to the new products that keep brimming in the market and assure you of getting you rid of aging. But how many of these do actually work. Unfortunately, the answer is VERY LESS. Also, people tend to use too many products at the same time and keep changing them frequently.

It’s high time they realize where they are making a mistake and prevent premature aging before it’s too late.

prevent premature ageing


9.Eat-Sleep-Repeat routine:

Guys and girls! It’s high time you realize that being lazy and doing the old same eat-sleep-repeat routine is a sin. Not only does it result in premature aging but also makes you obese, one of the primary reasons for various other diseases.

As a wise man said, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Ensure you get up early in the morning, do yoga, and are engaged in some sort of physical activities throughout the day.

prevent premature ageing


10.Lack of sports and exercise:

A wise man once said, “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. and we all know that body does not become sound on its own. One needs to work upon the same in forms of various exercises, yoga, and sports.

You can not dream to have eternal youth but you can always slow down the process of aging by rigorous exercise. You need to lead an active lifestyle wherein you take out time for your body and maintain it to the fullest.


prevent premature ageing



11.Ditching sleep:

Getting insufficient sleep can result in premature aging of your skin along with dark circles near the eyes. During the day, our skin battles with UV rays and pollution. Sleep is mandatory because the stress hormones drop to normal levels at night, thus giving cells time to repair and rejuvenate.

prevent premature ageing


12.Stop Drinking:

Can drinking alcohol really speed up the aging process? Researches show that drinking alcohol has a drastic effect on a person’s ageing process. To prevent premature ageing, one must ensure that negligible amount of alcohol is consumed.

prevent premature ageing




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