12 Reasons Why You Should Think Of Living Together Before Marriage

It is natural to remember our past with how pampered our childhood was and how much we, as teenagers did struggle to leave an impression on the people we know by studying or doing something great. People do have opinions about marriage and do debate over the better way of having it, “love marriage” or the “arranged one”, we have certain reasons that do agree with both, being meticulous.

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Listed, considerable reasons to live together before we tie the knot!

1. Experience Marriage

Here is the bitter taste, it’s easy to commit living together than to actually do it. Living together before marriage gives them a chance to see and judge where their relationship is taking them into by actually experiencing a pseudo marriage because most couples will live together after marriage. Hit it up, and you’ll know how much your Mars and Venus do match.

Living together to check marriage possibilities


2. Communication

“I’m sorry, I thought you may not like what I had to say.”, is often what we hear from people who have recently got married, and that is of course with no doubt, due to a communication gap, which is required in no matter what field we get into. Sarcastic right?

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3. Finance Management:

On date 30 of each month, it is better to avoid a fight over the argument of “I want to buy a camera” and “I want to buy a necklace”, of course, and by living together, a better understanding is developed where the couple could relate to compromise and learn patience, over their materialistic desires.
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4. Bonding:

It must have taken some bond to think about the idea of living together, but taking it to the level of marriage may require more than what you’ve got. Living together before marriage lets you develop the deeper bond in time towards each other and make your marriage a success, and if not, lets it go to ruin and leave life as hell.

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5. Avoid being a Divorcee:

Often, entering the married life without having an idea of how life would be when the couple lives together may lead to some complication in the relationship that may cause mental issues and a feeling of loathe for each other that slowly in time, takes deep roots and brings the crack in the bond of their marriage for which the ultimate and the only option suitable for the people facing it is Divorce. Lawfully agreed and accepted, yet something to be avoided, eh?Living together to check marriage possibilities

6. Discovering compatibility:

Developing the feeling of being compatible and enter into marriage and vow for life may sometimes be only a mere feeling, realised only after when the married life goes downhill. Incompatibility, with full potential, can disrupt the married life of the individuals involved and thus, becomes a very integral part considering a married life that goes uphill and with happiness.

Living together to check marriage possibilities

7. Comfort:

Moving in together before marriage provides a good opportunity to find comfort with each other because it’s always new to live with a person than just being close to them. Presence of comfort, will in no doubt, make your marriage more successful and let you know your partner in a much-refined way than before in unexpected ways (sometimes).

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8. Avoid Restrictions:

In modern times, we don’t see partners restricting their companions from doing things that they like, but sometimes, it’s the mind that restricts to do a few activities in front of their companions, and that is allowed to recede in time by staying together before marriage and realising that no feeling of being not free and impotency lies in the marriage the two in a couple are seeking after.

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9. Respect:

Living together before marriage teaches us to respect each other’s attitude and habits, with their thoughts and mentality, provided if right. With both of them respecting each other, it becomes very easy to live with each other and go with each other in the times of need and scarcity.

Living together to check marriage possibilitiesVia

10. Developing Trust:

No interaction or relationship can have a happy ending or healthy living if not with trust, among the essential ingredients to make a bond between two people or more. Here, when two people spend time with each other, they come to know each other well and have the mindset to trust each other, based on how well they respect and follow what the other companion has to say or do or offer. Moving together before marriage will undoubtedly, make the marriage more successful if the two develop trust for each other.

Living together to check marriage possibilities

11. Managing Responsibilities:

Well, marriage is a big step and no one doubts that and comes with a lot of responsibilities. To have yourself tested if you’re ready to take the responsibilities is a good step and then arrange yourself with the companion to collectively manage responsibilities is a very good suggestion to lead your married life successfully in terms of marriage and other projects that we ought to take in our day to day lives.

living together before marriage

12. Seeing the brightness into future:

With living together before marriage, it will in time become clear for the couples of what scope do they have with each other after being married, and will in most cases, stand out to be true and have an idea of how things will be, including family, and in-laws, and other household and relationship responsibilities.

living together before marriage


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