12 Life Struggle Every Girl Would Relate To!

Come on girls we have all been there and done that. We all share those pesky and clumsy moments that we consider a customized life struggle God made just for us.But the truth is not everyone wakes up with that perfect hair day, every day your makeup can’t be awesome, all your selfies are not Instagram perfect.  We all go through the same struggle to look put together at work and maintain a balance between personal and professional life. So hang on till the end and do tell us with how much daily life struggle discussed below you could relate to!

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Here we bring you a list of 9 daily struggle that we all girls face on a day to day basis but are too shy to talk about!

1.Every morning: 

Waking up early is a life struggle for all of us but deciding what to wear seems to be a bigger challenge. Every morning when we head to our closet we all go through the same thought that is there a ghost in my closet who takes away all my nice outfits. It was just yesterday that I had so much to wear.

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2.Winged eye liners: 

All those professional makeup tutorials seem to be so easy but is it just me who has to struggle so much for that perfect winged eyeliner. Each day while dressing up we all repeat- Just one more coat and they would be symmetrical and I will be all good to run the world.

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3.Daily expectations to defeat the life struggle:

Today I’m gonna eat healthy, exercise, complete all my chores, clean my room and sleep early. PERFECT. But getting that picture perfect life is indeed a life struggle especially when we girls have so many hormonal changes in our body all around the month.

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I just need basic groceries and that’s it.  I’m not even gonna look towards the clothing section. Oh, they are on sale let me just have a look what new they have.

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5.A hair cut: 

Enough I’m so done with these long hairs, these hairs support the patriarchal mentality. That’s it, I’m gonna get a pixie cut this time and it’s so easy to handle and so bold. But it’s just three days after the hair cut that you start missing your beautiful long hairs and start searching ways to grow your hairs fast.

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6: Girls overthinking:

When doesn’t he reply Is he ignoring me? Is he cheating on me? Has he lost his interest in me? Have I gained some weight? Am I not attractive anymore? You want to know why your boyfriend got a few minutes late to text you back because they had urgent nature call to attend. Relax a bit girl.

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7.That monthly life struggle:

Periods three days late! Could I be pregnant? but wait I’m a virgin! I should search if someone could get pregnant without s3x? What if I have cancer? But the truth is that your chums are throwing tantrums to put you under more stress and have more acne breakouts.


8.Hair ties: 

Just one more hoop and it would be perfect. But both the hair tie and your hairs are too adamant to be perfect so fast.

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9.That undying loyalty for heels: 

OH! GOD, I swear I’ll only wear comfortable shoes from tomorrow. These heels kill me! but they also make me look sexy and tall and make me feel so much confident. But the next day the same girl would be found in her 6-inch black stilettos.

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10.   The pimple breakout :

So it’s a big event tomorrow and you look simply awesome, but the very next morning you wake up and head to the mirror you find a big knob at that very place of your face where you can’t hide it.

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11.  The PMS cravings

For the whole month, you did eat clean as you promised and did not miss your gym. Now here comes that time of the month when you turn into a living zombie when you are constantly dealing with mood swings and cravings and some of us are lucky to have a generous boyfriend.  You want those big bars of chocolate and those ice creams and wafers and pizza with double cheese burst and some of us are lucky too. Girl you will struggle the next month again to cut that down.

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12. Meeting societies expectations:

This is not a feministic comment but being a girl society has some extra expectations from you which you are expected to meet. They are more like a quality check than just societies way of living that sometimes take a toll on our patience.  You could be a damn good CEO but girl your chapattis need to be round.Don’t you think now we should start living the way we want to because we already have so much to struggle with?

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